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unfettered spending

I love my new e-reader. I've already uploaded 27 books to it. It's a beautiful thing. I just went nuts yesterday. Of course, most of the books I uploaded were free (P. Gut3nberg and the like), but I did buy a few. I'll have to watch my spending. It's just. so. easy.

I never thought I'd be someone who chose e-books over paper books. But it's such an incredible thing. I love that I can put this wee thing in my suitcase and it can contain 3500 books. I love that I can add books and delete books. I can increase the font size when my eyes are tired. Best of all, without any contract, I have 3G wireless access everywhere. So I can download books as I think of them. Whee!

I even like that when it sleeps it shows a portrait of a famous writer. Seriously - this is technology that speaks to my little, wee, shining heart!

So yesterday I purchased my supplemental travel health and apartment insurance. I'm all ready to travel. I've pretty much done everything I need to do. I even went to the doctor. C. is stressing that we did not buy the optimal insurance, but my view is that as long as it is sufficient and will cover the very unlikely contingencies I would worry about if any, then it's done and I don't want to think about it anymore.

As I said, the only things I have left to worry about right now are which sweaters and dresses I will finish knitting and sewing.

It's difficult to believe that next week I'll be on leave and I'll be in Italy. I wish my stupid asthma would go away, but otherwise, I feel sort of in heaven. I haven't given much thought to Gianni in recent months, but now I can start to focus on spending time with him, which is kind of surreal!



8:20 a.m. - 2011-04-15


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