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How does it go?

Oy. Well this week has been successful in terms of organization and productivity, but there still are a few niggles.

First, the vertigo has been strong this week. I've also had headaches. And I still have some congestion in my chest and so my asthma is a worry. I feel terrible about going to the doctor AGAIN, but I feel I should get some antibiotics before I head to Italia.

Frankly, it feels surreal that I am going to Italia for seven and a half weeks. Last night, I thought of scooting over to Paris. In the end it's unlikely to happen - there is so much to do in Italy, and I'll be taking courses every week day - but you just never know.

Of course, seven weeks will fly by. I simply couldn't justify a longer period. As it is, this will be expensive. Not too, but just enough.

Mostly what I hope from this trip is to feel inspired and to start on my Florence book, or my knitting company, or some other insane project. I like the fact that one simply never knows where my heart will take me, and I'll end up doing something, wherever I go. I kind of admire my variety of insanity - it's much more interesting than the brand of insanity that is prevalent here, with this beautiful country descending into anti-democracy.

Tonight I simply must figure out how to work my kindl3. I wish I'd bought the Canadian e-reader because the platform is much more flexible, free, but it is what it is. Apparently the kindle device is good. And I'll have wireless access in Europe. And I'll have tons of books loaded on it.

Gianni emailed me last night to send me a video of a flowers festival in Italy. He asked what my favourite fruits and flowers are, so that he can create an "infiorata" for me. I don't know how I ever found that guy! What a great guy!

That said, I don't know what I'm going to do about the guy. I really can't afford to move to Italy. But I suppose there are four jobs up in Paris right now and I could try to become a statistician there. Not sure. But I could think about it.

Anyhow... I should have a shower or something. Time flies so quickly in the mornings. I never feel as though I have much time.

Do you know, I've done mostly everything needed for my trip? The only remaining problems involve deciding which dresses to finish sewing and which top to finish knitting. I have three unfinished ones and not enough time for all. What a bizarre problem. I should run a poll!

Well, off to work. XOXOOX


8:12 a.m. - 2011-04-14


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