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I've been kind of useless for diarying this week!

Fortunately, things are coming together with the prep for Italia. My paper for work is almost finished. I still have a good two days of work, but I'm much further ahead than usual. It's kind of coming together.

Otherwise, Giannino of course arranged a beautiful apartment and a good price and paid for most of it. I finalized the details yesterday. I still had to pay quite a bit because of ITalian tax this and Italian tax that (what are stamp duties, anyhow?). And I had to pay a whopping deposit. But I should get that back.

Today I had to join a public servants retirees association. That made me laugh. But I needed to do that to augment my travel medical insurance!

I only have a couple of additional things to do - mostly banking-related - and hopefully all will be fine. I've already paid in advance for the apartment and the courses, so all I really need is money for food and incidentals. Should be good.

I've had my mail held, arranged for my home to be looked after, am whittlign down the contents of my fridge, and pretty much have most things sorted. I need to finish my sewing this weekend so I'll be able to take my new dresses with me. It all seems sort of surreal.

The only downer is that I've been having a lot of vertigo and I had a terrible migraine Sunday. I still have a bit of a headache today, but I suspect that when I have time to slow down and relax it will all get better. One hopes, anyhow. ANd in any event it's better to feel bad in the sun than in the rain!

I know I'm a bore, but now I need to plop down on the sofa with a glass of wine. I am dead beat.

Oh and I must remember to load my new kindl3! Books! Books! Books! So excited!!

And meditate. Must meditate. But there will be time for that next week!


8:45 p.m. - 2011-04-13


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